Church Army (CA)

Introduction to the community

Church Army is a community that prays. Our foundational values are to be Generous, Risk-taking, Accountable, Collaborative, Expectant, Unconditional and Prayerful.

Church Army is a community rooted in the Anglican Communion with a passion to see mission and evangelism thrive throughout these islands, following in the way of Jesus Christ. We continue to build on the foundations laid by Wilson Carlile through our vision for everyone everywhere to encounter God’s love and be empowered to transform their communities through faith shared in words and action. We hold on to the same heart we’ve always had for the marginalised, vulnerable, those on the edges of society and seeing God’s love and hope break into people’s lives.

To see our vision in action we are pursuing our DARE strategy of Doing, Advocating, Resourcing, and Enabling evangelism.

We speak and live out the languages of acceptance and love. We embrace, nurture and resource innovative evangelism with a determination to ensure all are valued in their calling. We seek to help each other be all that God intended us to be through accountable relationships and encouraging local expressions of the community alongside our regional and national gatherings.

Church Army logo

Contact details

0300 123 2113

Address: Church Army, Wilson Carlile Centre, 50 Cavendish Street, Sheffield S3 7RZ

Community information

Date of foundation:
1882; acknowledged as a mission community 2012
Registered Charity number:
226226; SC040457 (Scotland); 20152604 (Ireland)

Bishop Visitor: awaiting appointment



Videos and articles about the history of the Church Army can be found on our website.


Ven Dr Peter Rouch (CEO)
   appointed 2021
Robin Webb (Chief Operating Officer)
Jude Davis (Director of Ministry & Community Leader)
Andrew Chadwick (Dean)


Number of Members: 470