Community of St John the Evangelist (CSJE)

Introduction to the community

Founded in Dublin in 1912, CSJE was an attempt to establish Religious Life in the Church of Ireland, although it did not receive official recognition. The founder believed that a group of sisters living hidden lives of prayer and service would exercise a powerful influence. When he died in 1939, there were twenty-four professed sisters and six novices.

From the 1930s, the Community had a branch house in Wales, which became the Mother House in 1967. In 1996, however, the Sisters returned to Dublin to the house originally taken over in 1959 from another small community of St Mary the Virgin. This house was formerly a school and then a home for elderly ladies of the Church of Ireland. 

The remaining Sister of CSJE is in care.

Contact details

The remaining sister is in care.


Community information

Date of foundation:


A private booklet was produced for Associates in 1962.

Third Order, Fellowship, Associates

Associates have a simple Rule, Companions a fuller and stricter Rule. Both groups are now much reduced in number.