Community of the Gospel (CG)

Introduction to the community

We are a non-residential monastic community with standing in The Episcopal Church whose members help each other become more Christ-like. We do this by living a monastic life of daily prayer, reflective study, and personal service in the secular world. We seek to demonstrate our faith in unique ways while allowing our lives to be transformed by God. Although we are primarily a dispersed community (we live and work in and across the United States and in the Bahamas), we travel together as one in spirit with Our Lord. Our life together is ordered by “A Common Rule for Monastics of the Community of the Gospel.” We believe that our purpose is to awaken to God’s wisdom and love, and to shape our lives following God’s principles. The expression of our unique personal mission in life is in response to the love of God. We join together in Christ to share our journey and our resources, and to encourage each other’s faith journey. It’s all summed up in our motto: “Know the Gospel; Live the Gospel.”

Community of the Gospel

Contact details

Address: TBA

Community information

Date of foundation:
30 March 2007

Bishop Visitor: Rt Revd Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, Diocese of Indianapolis

Chaplain: Fr Tyrone Fowlkes, Rector of St Mark’s Episcopal Church, Raleigh, NC, USA


Third Order, Fellowship, Associates

We have a category of Friends of the Community. These are people who wish to stay connected with the Community, but who do not wish to be engaged in a formal formation process. They pray for us regularly, as we pray for them, and they commit to study the Gospels and serve one another.

They currently number 25 in the USA & Canada.


Guardian: TBA

Deputy Guardian: Br Michael-Jude Mortimer


Br Daniel-Joseph Schroeder (Founder)
Sr Margaret Black
Br John Charles Westaway
Br Juan Charles Valles de Noriega
Sr Kathryn Elizabeth Scarborough
Sr Catherine Thomas Lo Prieno
Br Maximos Lee
Sr Rebecca Anne Cooper
Sr Julian Sky Welsh
Sr Mary-Katherine Wheeler
Br Michael Emmaus Wraight
Br Thanasi Stama
Sr Clare Emmanuel Diem
Br Julian-Ozana Arconti
Br Simeon Powell
Br Thomas Schumacher
Br Scott-Francis Vollmer
Br Andrew Davis
Sr Susan of The Way Moore
Br Timotheos Craighead

Novices: 3
Postulants: 1