Companions of St Luke, OSB (CSL)

Introduction to the community

The Companions of St Luke OSB is a dispersed Benedictine community as defined by the Canons of the Episcopal Church. As such, it includes members living under Benedictine vows and Oblate promises. All members are married or partnered as well as celibates. Our stability is in Christ and the Community, and our cloister is in the heart.

From our foundation, it has been the intention of the Companions of St. Luke to live the Benedictine life in a manner consistent with our time under the Benedictine Rule and our vows of Obedience, Stability, and Conversion of Life. Further, we are an intentional hybrid of ‘Christian Community’ and traditional monastic order, a dynamic tension that informs our commitment to “prefer nothing whatever to Christ; so that He may bring us all together to everlasting life” [RB 72]. We are knit together with Christ and each other through our commitment to pray regular, daily Offices, spending time in contemplative prayer, and ongoing study. We live in the world, working to frame our secular lives around our love of God and our prayers.

Contact details


Address: Companions of St Luke, OSB, PO Box 861, Plaistow, NH 03865-0861, USA

“Opus Dei” website:

Community information

Date of foundation:
13 June 1992

Bishop Visitor: Rt Revd William Franklin, Episcopal Diocesan of Western New York



Brother David Gerns OSB (editor), Reflections on Benedictine Life in the Modern World
A small booklet of reflections on Benedictine Life in a dispersed community by members of the Companions of St Luke. It is available upon request from

Third Order, Fellowship, Associates

The Companions of St Luke has an Oblate program. Oblates are considered by this community to have a ‘full and authentic’ vocation with its own formation. Oblates sit with their vowed counterparts in the Office, have voice and seat in Chapter.


Abbot: Br David Gerns OSB
Assumed office May 2019

Prioress: Sister Martha Lamoy OSB


Br Matthias Smith
Sr Anna Grace Madden
Br Camillus Converse
Br Robert Cotton
Sr Mary Francis Deulen
Sr Susanna Margaret Fronzuto
Br Thomas Anthony Goddard
Sr Kate Maxwell
Br Raphael Owens
Br Steven Joseph Olderr
Br Dunstan Townsend
Br Stephen Francis Arnold
Br Anskar Nonken
Sr Audrey Rose Ballinger
Sr Toni Sylvester
Br Chrysostom Olsen
Br Raymond Escott
Sr Joanna Whitworth
Sr Julian Smith-Boyer
Sr Judith Neubecker
Sr Katherine Fleck
Sr Mary Magdalene Clarke
Sr Clara Ulson Freirias
Sr Margaret Mary Bergeron
Br Gregory Tatchell
Sr Karen Elizabeth Evans

Number of novices: 10
Sr Kelly Dunlap
Sr Ànah Elizabeth Marshall
Sr Teresa Faller
Sr Gemma Monaco
Sr Genevieve Lynn Robinson
Sr Kelly Dunlap
Sr Ànah Elizabeth Marshall
Sr Teresa Faller
Sr Gemma Monaco
Sr Genevieve Lynn Robinson

Number of postulants:
Derin Kyle
Holly Puckett
Jo Ann Horton

Novices: 10
Postulants: 3
Members who have died since the last Yearbook:

6 Mar 2019 – Basil Edwards, professed 6 years, Abbot 2014-2019