Little Sisters of St Clare (LSSC)

Introduction to the community

The Little Sisters of St. Clare is a Community of faithful women who seek to live a contemplative life of prayer, study, and service, in the tradition of St. Clare and St. Francis. As a Community, our beliefs are seen in our actions, our worship, and in our commitment to a common life. We actively serve in the world through guiding children and youth; caring for the poor, the ill, and the marginalized; nurturing the environment; and healing the wounded.

We are not cloistered but live independently, valuing our proximity to each other. We gather two or three times a year for Community worship and celebration. We gather each month for Franciscan study and prayer, most typically in small Chapters located throughout Western Washington. As individuals, our faith is rooted in our baptismal covenant; we express our response to God’s call in a lifestyle that interprets monastic traditions in a contemporary way. We guide our lives by the vows of simplicity, fidelity, and purity. We demonstrate our Franciscan roots in an attitude of respect and love for all creation, including deep care and consideration for each other. We are single, married, and in committed relationships.

Contact details


Address: Mother Guardian LSSC, 400 NW Gilman Blvd #2511, Issaquah, WA 98027-011411, USA

Community information

Date of foundation:
June 2002

Bishop Visitor: Rt Rev Greg Rickel, Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Olympia


Third Order, Fellowship, Associates

In addition to vowed Sisters, we have two other membership levels: Companion and Friend of the Community. Generally, Companions seek to journey with the Sisters, are invited to Chapter meetings, and live in Western Washington. Friends of the Community can live world-wide.


Mother Guardian: Sr Brigid Kaufmann LSSC
Assumed office October 2015

Deputy Guardian: Sr Dorothy-Anne Kiest LSSC


Sr DedraAnn Bracher LSSC
Sr Maria Elizabeth Bracher LSSC
Sr Grace Teresa Grant LSSC
Sr Revd Lani Hubbard LSSC
Sr Kathryn-Mary Little LSSC
Sr Patrice Hilda O’Brien LSSC
Sr Julian Ortung LSSC
Sr Mary-Olivia M. Stalter LSSC
Sr Mary Agnes Staples LSSC
Sr Mary-Louise Sulonen LSSC
Sr Marie-Elise Trailov LSSC
Sr Karen-Anne Williamson LSSC

Tovi Andrews
Nancy Jones
Patricia Roberts
Laura Carroll

Number of novices: 1
Jamie Nelson, Novice LSSC

Number of Friends of the Community: 10