Oratory of the Good Shepherd (OGS)

Introduction to the community

The Oratory of the Good Shepherd is a community of priests and laymen founded at Cambridge (UK), which now has provinces in North America, Australia, Southern Africa and Europe.

Oratorians are bound together by a common Rule and discipline; members do not generally live together in community. The brethren are grouped in ‘colleges’ and meet regularly for prayer and support, and each province meets annually for retreat and chapter. Every three years, the General Chapter meets, presided over by the Superior of the whole Oratory, whose responsibility is to maintain the unity of the provinces.

In common with traditional communities, the Oratory requires celibacy. Brothers are accountable to their brethren for their spending and are expected to live simply and with generosity. The ideal spiritual pattern includes daily Eucharist, Offices, and an hour of prayer. Study is also regarded as important in the life. During the time of probation, which is for two years, the new brother is cared for and nurtured in the Oratory life by another brother of his College. The brother may then, with the consent of the province, make his first profession, which is renewed annually for at least five years, though with the hope of intention and perseverance for life. After five years, profession can be made for a longer period, and after ten years a brother may, with the consent of the whole Oratory, make his profession for life.

Contact details

0161 (0)3 9380 1064

Address: Lindsay Urwin OGS, Superior
Christ Church Vicarage, 8 Glenlyn Road, Brunswick 3056, AUSTRALIA

Community information

Date of foundation:

Bishop Visitor: Rt Hon & Rt Revd Lord Williams of Oystermouth



George Tibbatts, The Oratory of the Good Shepherd: The First Seventy-Five Years, The Almoner OGS, Windsor, 1988

Third Order, Fellowship, Associates

The Oratory has an extended family of Companions, with their own rule of life, and Associates. Companionship is open to men and women, lay or ordained, married or single.


Superior: Lindsay Urwin OGS
Assumed office October 2019


The Community in Australia

Provincial: Keith Dean-Jones OGS, assumed office 2011
PO Box 275, Bundaberg, Queensland 4670, AUSTRALIA
Tel: 00 61 (0) 2 6552 1310 Email: kdean-jones@ogs.net

Michael Boyle
Robert Braun
Michael Chiplin
Barry Greaves
Charles Helms
Ronald Henderson
Peter Hibbert
Roger Kelly
Brian Luhr
Kyle Penhaligon
Geoffrey Tisdall

Probationers: 1

The Community in North America

Provincial: Philip Hobson OGS, assumed office August 2005
151 Glenlake Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6P 1E8, CANADA
Tel: 00 1 (0) 416 604 4883 Email: phobson@ogs.net

David Brinton
Gregory Bufkin
William Derby
Philip Jacobs
Michael Moyer
Bruce Myers
Walter Raymond
Edward Simonton

Probationers: 0

The Community in Southern Africa

Provincial: Jabulani Ngidi OGS, assumed office 2013
16660 Luganda Road, Luganda, PO Box 846, Pinetown 3609, SOUTH AFRICA
Tel: +27 (0) 31-706 0255 Email: jngidi@ogs.net

James Mvuba
Douglas Price
Barry Roberts
Thami Shange

Probationers: 2

The Community in Europe

Provincial: Nicholas Gandy OGS, assumed office October 2019
37 Debdale Road, Northampton NN3 2TR, UK
Email: ngandy@ogs.net

Peter Baldwin
Michael Bartlett
Michael Bullock
Dominic Austin Cawdell
Malcolm Crook
Peter Ford
David Johnson
Christopher Powell
Dominic Walker

Probationers: 3

Members who have died since the last Yearbook:

27 May 2017 – Carlson Gerdau, aged 84, professed 49 years
20 Dec 2018 – Kenneth Mason, aged 90, professed 54 years, Bishop of Northern Territory 1968-83
4 Jul 2022 – Brian Lee, aged 90, professed 29 years