Society of Saint Anna the Prophet (SSAP)

Introduction to the community

The SSAP is a vowed religious community of elder women in the Episcopal Church USA. Their mission is Godly aging and ministry with the old and young, particularly those who are not able to participate in a parish. The Society has formed six congregations of elders in senior living communities, celebrating Holy Eucharist and offering pastoral care.

In addition to the corporate ministries of the Society, individual ministries within Episcopal parishes and in the workplace fulfil the sisters’ call. Several of the Annas are caregiving grandmothers. Some are retired and focus on a more contemplative life. A few are themselves now living in care.

The SSAP is a dispersed community, and sisters are single, widowed, married, and partnered. Their ages range from 56 to 91. Embracing vows of simplicity, creativity, and balance, the Annas are committed to their own Godly aging and the challenge of being a prophetic presence as elders in the Church and in the world. Each Anna creates a personal regula which structures her day-to-day spiritual disciplines. Leadership of the Society is vested in a council of six sisters. Episcopalian women over fifty may apply for a provisional year of discernment.

Contact details


Main address:
SSAP Chapter House, 1655 Rainier Falls Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30329, USA


Community information

Date of foundation:

Bishop Visitor: Rt Revd Anne Hodges-Copple, Suffragan Bishop of North Carolina



FoundingSuperior: Revd Nan Baxter
Assumed office Feast of the Presentation 2005

Superior: Peggy Courtright

Assumed office Feast of the Presentation 2022



Sally Addis

Julia Bottin

Alice Davidson

Revd Eloise Hally
Margaret Hertline
Revd Katharine Hilliard-Yntema
Joyce Hunn
Gay Jolley
Adair Maller
Revd Mary Moore
Jane Moser
Laura Pittard
Eleanor Pritchett
Revd Barabara Ryder
Linda Claire Snyder

Karen Crenshaw

Kathy Wright-Starr


Elizabeth Allan

Gwen Bottoms

Linda Erhard

Christine LOflin

Catherine Meeks

Revd JOan Pritcher

Lynn Tesh

Revd Faustina Ward-Osborne

Revd Carolynn Williams

Novices: 4
Postulants: 3 Provisional
Members who have died since the last Yearbook:

28 April 2015 Mary Ann Neale

4 August 2019 Revd Lily Anne Rein

29 February 2020 Revd Katherine Roberts

1 March 2020 Marjorie Chandley

24 April 2022 Revd Lori Lowe

18 January 2023 Carol McDonald

26 October 2023 Marilyn Hughes

15 January 2024 Revd Ruth Healy