Society of the Holy Trinity

Introduction to the community

The Society of the Holy Trinity is a ‘community of communities’ all pursuing the religious life, that is a life of ‘wholeheartedly following Christ, setting the Gospel into practice’. This vocation is common to all its members, who pray that by offering their lives in this way they might become a resource and treasure that enriches the whole life of the church. The Society of the Holy Trinity is called to express its life as a service to and for the Church, in parishes and in deaneries, seeking to be servants of the servants.

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Community information

Date of foundation:
Acknowledged as an Anglican Religious Community in November 2020

Bishop Visitor: Rt. Rev Jonathan Clark


Third Order, Fellowship, Associates

We have several spaces of belonging and welcome enquiries to be ‘Associates’ who live at a distance from a community, who support the community in prayer and financial support, and attend events when able. Associates commit to praying or meditating once a day, to pray for a specific community from afar, and where possible visit that community when they can, and support the community by financial tithe.


Guardian: Ian Mobsby
Assumed office 2nd March 2019

Secretary: Ned Lunn
Assumed office 2nd March 2019


Professed members: 18

Novices: 25