St Gregory’s Abbey, Three Rivers (OSB)

Introduction to the community

St Gregory’s Abbey is the home of a community of men living under the Rule of St Benedict within the Episcopal Church. The center of the monastery’s life is the Abbey Church, where God is worshipped in the daily round of Eucharist, Divine Office, and private prayer. Also offered to God are the monks’ daily manual work, study and correspondence, ministry to guests, and occasional outside engagements.

OSB 3 Rivers bell tower

Contact details

269 244 5893
269 244 8712

Address: St Gregory’s Abbey, 56500 Abbey Road, Three Rivers, Michigan 49093-9595, USA

Community information

Date of foundation:

Bishop Visitor: Rt Revd Douglas Sparks, Bishop of Northern Indiana



Singing God’s Praises, published 1998. It includes articles from community newsletters over the past sixty years and also includes a history of St Gregory’s. Copies can be bought from the Abbey, price $20 a copy, postpaid.

Come Let Us Adore: St Gregory’s 1999-2011, a successor to the above with further articles & photographs from the community’s Abbey Letter. Published by iUniverse and available from online bookstores such as Amazon.

Andrew Marr OSB, Tools for Peace: the spiritual craft of St Benedict and René Girard, 2006. Published by iUniverse and available from online bookstores.

Andrew Marr OSB, Moving and Resting in God’s Desire: A Spirituality of Peace, 2016. Published by St. Gregory’s Abbey Press and available from online bookstores.

Third Order, Fellowship, Associates

We have a Confraternity which offers an official connection to the Abbey and is open to anyone who wishes to join for the purpose of incorporating Benedictine principles into their lives. For further information and an application form, please write the Father Abbot.


Abbot: Right Revd Andrew Marr OSB
Elected 2 March 1989

Prior: Very Revd Aelred Glidden OSB


Father William Forest
Brother Martin Dally
Brother Abraham Newsom
Brother Armand Koss

Members who have died since the last Yearbook:

11 Jul 2019 – Father Jude Bell, aged 91, professed 44 years
13 Mar 2021 – Father Benedict Reid, aged 99, professed 71 years,
Conventual Prior 1956-69, Abbot 1969-89