Index of initials

InitialsCommunity or Order
ASSPSociety of All Saints Sisters of the Poor
BACBrotherhood of the Ascended Christ
BSGBrotherhood of St Gregory
CAChurch Army
CAHCommunity of All Hallows
CBLMCommunity of the Blessed Lady Mary
CCSBCongrégation des Compagnons de Saint Benoît
CFContemplative Fire
CGCommunity of the Gospel
CGACommunity of the Glorious Ascension
CGSCommunity of the Good Shepherd
CHCBenedictine Community of the Holy Cross
CHNCommunity of the Holy Name
CHNCommunity of the Holy Name, Australia
CHSCommunity of the Holy Spirit
CHTCommunity of the Holy Transfiguration, Manicaland
CHTCommunity of the Holy Transfiguration, Shurugwi
CJCCommunity of Jesus’ Compassion
CMMChama cha Mariamu Mtakatifu (Community of St Mary of Nazareth and Calvary)
CMPCompany of Mission Priests
CNCommunity of Nazareth
CoHCommunity of Hopeweavers
CoSACommunity of St Anselm
CRCommunity of the Resurrection
CRCommunity of the Resurrection of Our Lord
CSBCCommunity of Sts Barnabas & Cecilia
CSCCommunity of the Sisters of the Church
CSDCommunity of St Denys
CSFCommunity of St Francis
CSJBCommunity of St John Baptist
CSJDCommunity of St John the Divine
CSMCommunity of the Sisters of Melanesia
CSMCommunity of St Mary
CSMVCommunity of St Mary the Virgin
CSNCommunity of the Sacred Name
CSPCommunity of St Paul
CSPCommunity of the Sacred Passion
CSPHCommunity of St Peter (Horbury)
CSPCommunity of St Peter (Woking)
CSSChrista Sevika Sangha (Handmaids of Christ)
CSWGCommunity of the Servants of the Will of God
CTCommunity of the Transfiguration
CVLCommunity of the Sisters of the Visitation of Our Lady
CZMChita che Zvipo Zve Moto (Community of the Gifts of the Holy Fire)
CZRChita che Zita Rinoyera (Holy Name Community)
EFSJBrothers of Saint John the Evangelist
FMJKFikambanan’ny Mpanompovavin I Jesoa Kristy (Society of the Servants of Jesus Christ)
FSJMSociety of the Franciscan Servants of Jesus and Mary
HSMHoly Spirit Monastery
LBFLittle Brothers of Francis
LSSCLittle Sisters of St Clare
MBHMelanesian Brotherhood
OAOrder of the Ascension
OCAnglican Order of Cistercians
OCCMOrder of the Companions of Mary and Martha
OCPOrder of the Community of the Paraclete
OGSOratory of the Good Shepherd
OHCOrder of the Holy Cross
OHPOrder of the Holy Paraclete
OJNOrder of Julian of Norwich
OMSThe Order of the Mustard Seed
OSAOrder of St Anne
OSAOrder of St Anne at Bethany
OSBBenedictine Community of Our Lady and Saint John
OSBCompanions of St Luke, OSB
OSBOrder of St Benedict, Camperdown
OSBOrder of St Benedict, Community of St Mary at the Cross
OSBOrder of St Benedict, Malling Abbey
OSBOrder of St Benedict, Mucknell Abbey
OSBOrder of St Benedict, Servants of Christ Priory
OSBOrder of St Benedict, St Benedict’s Priory
OSBSt Gregory’s Abbey, Three Rivers
OSCCommunity of St Clare
OSHOrder of St Helena
OTCGOrder of the Teachers of the Children of God
SCSisters of Charity
SCCSociety of the Community of Celebration
SCLSingle Consecrated Life
SHCSociety of the Holy Cross
SHNSisterhood of the Holy Nativity
SISisters of the Incarnation
SLGCommunity of the Sisters of the Love of God
SLSMSociety of Our Lady St Mary
SOLISociety of Our Lady of the Isles
SPBSociety of the Precious Blood
SSASociety of the Sacred Advent
SSAPSociety of Saint Anna the Prophet
SSBSociety of the Sisters of Bethany
SSCSociety of the Sacred Cross
SSFSociety of Saint Francis
SSGSisters of Saint Gregory
SSJDSisterhood of St John the Divine
SSJDSociety of St John the Divine
SSJESociety of St John the Evangelist
SSLSociety of St Luke
SSMSisterhood of St Mary
SSMSociety of St Margaret
SSMSociety of the Sacred Mission
SSPSociety of St Paul
TOMThe Order of Mission
TSSFThe Third Order, Society of St Francis
WBHSWorker Brothers of the Holy Spirit
WSHSWorker Sisters of the Holy Spirit