Advisory Council for Anglican Religious Life in Australia (ACARLA)

The membership of the Council is a mix of bishops and representatives from communities in Australia.

New Zealand

Conference of Anglican Religious Orders in Aotearoa New Zealand (CAROANZ)

The conference is chaired by a bishop and has representatives from communities in New Zealand.

North America & the Caribbean

Conference of Anglican Religious Orders in the Americas (CAROA)

The purpose of CAROA is to provide opportunities for mutual support and sharing among its member communities and co-ordinate their common interests and activities, to engage in dialogue with other groups, to present a coherent understanding of the Religious Life to the Church and to speak as an advocate for the Religious Orders to the Church. CAROA is incorporated as a non-profit organization in both Canada and the USA.
General Secretary: The Revd David Brinton OGS
Address: CAROA, 65 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5C 2E9, CANADA

House of Bishops Standing Committee on Religious Orders in the Anglican Church of Canada

The Committee usually meets twice a year, during the House of Bishops’ meeting. Its rôle is consultative and supportive. It is chaired by one of the (usually) five bishops serving on it. The Superiors of CSC, OHC, SSJD & SSJE are members. The General Secretary of CAROA and the Principal Secretary to the Primate also attend.

National Association for Episcopal Christian Communities (NAECC)

The NAECC is an inclusive association that shares and communicates the fruits of the Gospel, realized in community, with the church and the world. It is primarily a forum for those who are living or exploring new or continuing models of religious commitment within the context of community.
President: Fr Masud Ibn Syedullah TSSF

United Kingdom

Advisory Council on the Relations of Bishops & Religious Communities (commonly called ‘The Advisory Council’)

This Council was established in 1935 and is the body responsible for recognising and acknowledging communities in the Church of England and for encouraging those who are discerning and developing a community life. It produces updated editions of a Handbook, containing recommendations for best practice among communities, as well as other reports and guidance as appropriate.

Representatives of the Bishops:

  • Rt Revd David Walker, Bishop of Manchester (Chair)
  • Rt Revd Tony Robinson, Bishop of Wakefield
  • Rt Revd Tim Dakin, Bishop of Winchester
  • Rt Revd Alison White, Bishop of Hull
  • Rt Revd John Inge, Bishop of Worcester
  • Rt Revd Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

Communities’ representatives (elected March 2016 for 5-year term):

  • Sister Alison Fry OSB
  • Sister Anita Cook CSC
  • Sister Heather Francis OHP
  • Sister Joyce Yarrow CSF
  • Sister Margaret Theresa SLG
  • Sister Mary Julian Gough CHC
  • Sister Mary Stephen Packwood OSB
  • Father Peter Allan CR
  • Brother Philip Bartholomew SSF
  • Brother Stuart Burns OSB

Hon. Secretary: Father Colin CSWG


  • Mark Berry (Church Mission Society)
  • Dr Petà Dunstan (Trustee of ARCDT)
  • Revd Ian Mobsby (representing new and emerging communities)
  • Pete Ward (Order of the Mustard Seed)

ARC representative: Dom Simon Jarrett OSB
Conference of Religious Observer: Sister Margaret Shepherd NDS
Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury: Revd Isabelle Hamley

Conference of the Leaders of Anglican Religious Communities (CLARC)

The Conference meets in full once a year.
Hon. Secretary: Father Colin CSWG

General Synod of the Church of England

Representatives of Lay Religious:

  • Sister Catherine SLG (first elected 2015)
  • Brother Philip Dulson OSB (first elected 2018)

Representatives of Ordained Religious:

  • Revd Sister Anita Cook CSC (first elected 2015)
  • Revd Thomas Seville CR (first elected 2005)

Anglican Religious Communities in England (ARC)

Anglican Religious Communities in England (ARC) logo

ARC supports members of Religious Communities in the Church of England. It has held occasional conferences when members can come together both to hear speakers on topics relevant to their way of life and to meet and share experiences together. The conferences are attended by members of Acknowledged as well as Recognized Communities. A newsletter is sent out three times a year to all houses. Its activities are co-ordinated by a committee with members elected from Leaders, Novice Guardians, General Synod representatives and the professed membership. The committee usually meets three times a year.

  • Sister Sally Paley OSB (Chair)
  • Prior Simon OSB & Sister Sue CSF (representing Leaders)
  • Sister Catherine SLG (representing General Synod Representatives)
  • Sister Alison OSB (representing Novice Guardians)
  • Sister Helen OHP, Sister Hilda Mary CSC & Brother Michael Jacob SSF (representing professed members)
  • Mrs Penny Warren (representing acknowledged communities)
  • Sister Chris James CSF (co-opted, Treasurer)
  • Brother Michael OGS (Observer)
  • Father Mark Soady SSC (Secretary)

More information about ARC may be obtained from:

ARC ice creams