Active communities

Many members of Religious communities have active ministries in society: in education, health and social care, evangelism and parish work. What therefore is distinctive about the life of a member of a Religious community working in these areas?

The ministries of communities are anchored in a life lived together. The support of sisters and brothers is both an encouragement and also a witness. Christian love of neighbour can arise from relationship with each other; and relationships in community are fostered in a life of regular prayer.

What an individual Religious does will vary as the ministries undertaken by communities cover such a wide range. What is shared by all of them, however, is the place given to witnessing to Christ. Many people in today’s society are deprived, whether economically, emotionally or spiritually. Caring for the poor and reaching out to the vulnerable are central to the witness of communities.

A full list of communities worldwide may be found in the Directory section of the website. Use the filters to choose your location, whether you want to view men’s or women’s communities and the type of ministry and lifestyle.

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