Community of the Holy Name (CHN), UK Province

Introduction to the community

The Sisters combine the life of prayer with service to others in their evangelistic and pastoral outreach and by maintaining their houses as centres of prayer where they can be available to others. From our House in Hessle, the Sisters are involved in parish work, hospital visiting, retreat-giving and work among the wider community, and with those who come for spiritual guidance.

The members of the Fellowship of the Holy Name are an extension of its life and witness in the world. We encourage those who wish to live alongside for a period of time.

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Contact details

Tel:01482 770345


Quarry Bank, Woodfield Lane, Hessle, E. Yorkshire 


Community information

Date of foundation:
Registered Charity number:

Bishop Visitor: Rt Revd Humphrey Southern, Principal of Ripon College, Cuddesdon



History of the Community of the Holy Name, 1865 to 1950, published by CHN, 1950.

Una C. Hannam, Portrait of a Community, printed by the Church Army Press, 1972.
This was a heavily edited version of the original manuscript by the late Sister Constance CHN. A revised and updated version of the complete manuscript is now published as:

Sister Constance CHN, What’s in a Name?: Portrait of a Community, CHN, 2015.

Third Order, Fellowship, Associates

Fellowship of the Holy Name

The Fellowship is comprised of ecumenically-minded Christians who feel called to share with the Community in their life of prayer and service.

Members have a personal Rule of Life, which they have drawn up in consultation with a particular Sister. This will include daily private prayer, regular prayer and worship with the local Christian community, as well as time and space for their own well-being and creativity. Each rule varies with the individual. A six-month probation living the rule is required before formal admission to the Fellowship. This usually takes place at the Convent in the context of the Eucharist. There are regional meetings for members living in the same area, and the Community distributes newsletters throughout the year and encourages members to contribute articles for the Community magazine.


Provincial Superior: Sister Diana CHN (Elected 28 August 2021)


Assistant Superior: Sr Catherine CHN


Sister Barbara
Sister Brenda
Sister Verena
Sister Jean Mary
Sister Lilias
Sister Theresa Margaret
Sister Lisbeth

Sister Edith Maragret
Sister Pauline Margaret
Sister Carol
Sister Monica Jane
Sister Pippa
Sister Rosemary
Sister Lynfa
Sister Julie Elizabeth

Members who have died since the last Yearbook:

4 Sep 2019 – Sister Mary Patricia, aged 88, professed 56 years, Revd Mother 1984-1994

24th May 2021- Sister Irene, aged 92,  professed 41 years

20 Feb 2022 – Sister Vivienne Joy, aged 91, professed 57 years

7 Apr 2022 – Sister Marjorie Jean, aged 94, professed 67 years