Community of the Holy Spirit (CHS)

Introduction to the community

Each person is given an invitation to follow Christ. The Sisters of our monastic community respond to that invitation by an intentional living out of the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience within the structure of a modified Augustinian Rule. Through the vow of poverty, we profess our trusting dependence upon God by embracing voluntary simplicity and responsible stewardship of creation. Through chastity, we profess the sanctity of all creation as the primary revelation of God. Through obedience, we profess our desire to be dependent on God’s direction and to live and minister in ways that respect all creation, both now and for generations to come.

Compassionate, respectful love is God’s gift to life. Prayer and the worship of God are the lifeblood and heart of our Community and the source of inspiration for all that we undertake. Through our prayer, worship, and creative talents we encourage others to seek God. Through our ministries of hospitality, retreat work, spiritual direction, and education through simple, sustainable, spiritual living, we seek to grow in love and communion with all whose lives touch us and are touched by us. We also provide spiritual support for women and men who wish to be linked with our Community as Associates. By adopting a personal rule of life, they extend the Community’s ministry through prayer, worship and service.

Contact details

212 666 8249

Main Address:
92 Morningside Avenue PH 8B, New York, NY 10027, USA

Bluestone Farm and Living Arts Center:
The Melrose Convent, 118 Federal Hill Road, Brewster, NY 10509-5307, USA
Tel: 845 363 1971
Fax: 845 746 2205

Community information

Date of foundation:
27 August 1952

Bishop Visitor: Rt Revd Allen K. Shin, suffragan Bishop of New York



The Revd Mother Ruth CHS, “In Wisdom Thou Hast Made Them”,  Adams, Bannister, Cox, New York, 1986.

Third Order, Fellowship, Associates

From the Community’s early days, Christian women and men have sought an active association with the Sisters, wishing to live out their baptismal commitments by means of a rule of life.

The Community provides four rules: Fellowship, St Augustine, Confraternity and Priest Associate. Each consists of prayer, reading, self-denial and stewardship. Each provides an opportunity for growth toward God and daily renewal of life in Christ. Each calls for a commitment to pray daily for the Sisters and all others in their life, worship and ministry, using the collect for Pentecost and the Lord’s Prayer.

In consultation with the Sister for Associates, they may formulate their own rule if the ones provided cannot be fulfilled as they stand, or if they need to be expanded. As far as is possible Associates support the Community through gifts of time, talents and financial resources. There is an annual fee if possible.


Community Council: see below
Assumed office June 2015


Sister Mary Elizabeth
*Sister Emmanuel
*Sister Heléna Marie
*Sister Faith Margaret
*Sister Catherine Grace
*Sister Leslie
*Sister Claire Joy
*Sister Carol Bernice

* indicates member of the Community Council

Members who have died since the last Yearbook:

2 Feb 2020 – Sister Élise, aged 98, professed 67 years