Community of the Sacred Passion (CSP)

Introduction to the community

The Community was founded to serve Africa by a life of prayer and missionary work, bringing to Africans a knowledge of God’s love. After the Church in Tanzania gained independence, and the Community of St Mary of Nazareth and Calvary (CMM), which they nurtured, became self-governing, CSP withdrew from Tanzania and now offers support from England. Much of the help is channelled through CMM to whom they offer encouragement, advice and financial support. The Sisters also collect money for some of the work that they founded, including the Polio Hostel at Kwa Mkono, caring for disabled children.

At Shoreham, the Sisters offer hospitality for small day events and meetings. They are involved in guidance of individuals and have various contacts in the local community.

Prayer remains the foundation of the life of the Community.

Contact details

01273 453807

Address: The Convent of the Sacred Passion, 22 Buckingham Road, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5UB, UK

Community information

Date of foundation:
Registered Charity number:

Bishop Visitor: Rt Revd Ian Brackley



Sister Mary Stella CSP, She Won’t Say ‘No’: The history of the Community of the Sacred Passion, privately published, 1984.

Margaret Gooch, Zanzibar to Shoreham in 100 years, privately published 2011. Obtainable from the Convent for £10 plus £1.30 p & p, cheques payable to Community of the Sacred Passion.

Third Order, Fellowship, Associates


These are men and women who feel called to associate themselves with the aims of the community, by prayer and service, and by a life under a Rule. They have their own Rule of Life, which will vary according to their particular circumstances. The Oblates are helped and advised by the Oblates’ Sister.


These are men and women who share in the work of the community by prayer, almsgiving and service of some kind. They pray regularly for the community.

Priest Associates

They pray regularly for the community and offer Mass for it three times a year, of which one is Passion Sunday (the Sunday before Palm Sunday).


Pray regularly for the community and help it in any way they can. Although those who are enrolled as ‘Associates’ will continue in that category no more Associates will be enrolled but interested people will be welcomed as ‘Friends’. Oblates and Priest Associates will continue to be accepted.

All those who are connected with the community are prayed for daily by the Sisters and remembered by name on their birthdays. They receive the four-monthly intercession paper, and newsletter.