Congrégation des Compagnons de Saint Benoît (CCSB)

Introduction to the community

The Congregation of the Companions of St Benedict was founded on July 11, 2007 by the Revd Brother Emmanuel Oba’a CCSB/OSB in the Anglican Church of Cameroon.

The Congregation of the Companions of St. Benedict is a religious order of the Anglican Communion including priests, brothers, and sisters faithful to the Anglican tradition and Catholic doctrine and morality in general. It is dedicated to the sanctification of the members, to the salvation of souls and devoted to the care of children.

The goals and objectives of the Association of Active Children of Cameroon are to minister to: non-school children; orphans in general; orphans whose parents died of AIDS; the homeless and neglected; young people at risk of crime for their school integration, professional, social and family.

Its headquarters are located at Saint Joseph Priory PO Box: 443 Ebolowa-Cameroon. The Congregation, of Benedictine spirituality, has a dual purpose: the divine praise according to the Book of Common Prayer (ECUSA), and giving help to abandoned children.

Its members lead a semi-contemplative religious life and live a monastic life inspired by the Benedictine rule and based on the three vows namely: Obedience, Poverty and Chastity. The members also observe the three Benedictine vows namely: Stability, Obedience and Conversion of Life.

Like the Benedictine monks, their first job is to maintain a regular, liturgical and personal life of prayer, while also engaging in manual work to support themselves, and study to enrich their minds.

In order for the young community to be economically self-sufficient in the future, the community has started to train a few members in the fields of education, medicine and hospitality, with the help of partners and good souls. God willing, they hope to set up development projects, such as a kindergarten and primary school, a modern dispensary, and a restaurant at the hospital compound.

Congrégation des Compagnons de Saint Benoît

Contact details

(+237) 699 07 71 63 / 676 31 04 71

Main address:
Saint Joseph Priory, PO Box: 443 Ebolowa, Cameroon

Saint Scholastica Priory:
PO Box: 20629, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Community information

Date of foundation:
11 July 2007

Bishop Protector: Members of the community are eager to have a Bishop Protector, who speaks French and English and who has enough interest in the Latin language

Ordinary: Rt Revd Dibo Thomas Babynton Elango, in his capacity as Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Cameroon



Prior General: Revd Brother Emmanuel Oba’a CCSB/OSB
Assumed office 11 July 2007

Sub-Prior General: Revd Brother Jean Flore Zeh CCSB/OSB


Brother Jean Louis Nnanga
Brother Calvin Bayiga
Brother Jean Zoa
Brother Magloire Bessala
Brother Max Ngamao
Brother Robert Meva’a
Brother Jesus-Marie Attey Epopa
Brother Gabriel Mva’a Zombo
Brother Louis-Marie Zeh Oba’a
Brother François-Marie Mbozo’o
Brother Bekono
Brother Eric-Marie Etoundi
Brother Michel Mbozo’o
Brother Jacques Nsem
Brother Laurent Charles Mebanda

Novices: 5
Postulants: 7