Order of Julian of Norwich (OJN)

Introduction to the community

The Order of Julian of Norwich is a contemplative order of the Episcopal Church. The monks and nuns of the Order live the monastic life together under the vows of stability, conversion of life, and obedience, ‘in the spirit of our Mother St Julian’.

Our life in community is grounded in the Eucharist and 4-fold Daily Office, and includes study, work, and times of solitude and recreation. The practice of enclosure allows us the solitude and liberty to live as deeply as we can into the life of prayer and friendship with God.

Serving God in each other, in our guests, and before God’s altar, we are committed to prayer, intercession, and conversion of heart, centred on our relationship with Jesus Christ and our transformation in Him, growing up into Christ through our life in common. As the three windows of Julian’s anchorhold opened, one to the altar, one to the room of her lay sisters, and one to the public lane, so the life of the Order looks to the worship of God, to the support and fellowship of the wider community of the Order — our Oblates and Associates — and to the service of the Church and the world.

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Address: W704 Alft Rd, White Lake, WI 54491-9715, USA

Community information

Date of foundation:

Bishop Visitor: Rt Revd Wendell N. Gibbs, Jr., Bishop of Michigan


Teunisje Velthuizen, ObJN, One-ed into God: The first decade of the Order of St Julian of Norwich, The Julian Press, 1996.
Gregory Fruehwirth OJN, Words for Silence: A Year of Contemplative Meditations, Paraclete Press, Orleans, MA, 2008.
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Third Order, Fellowship, Associates

Associates and Oblates of the Order are those who respond to the Holy Spirit’s invitation to draw nearer to Jesus under the patronage of St Julian of Norwich, called to the contemplative life in the world. Their rules of life, adaptations of the monastic Rule, unite their lives of prayer to that of the monastery and commit them to a regular practice of silent prayer, worship and study, in the context of their own particular vocations. In varying degree, they bring this contemplative practice into their parishes and communities by their transformation of their lives through the deepening of their relationship with Christ.

Associates are committed to a simple form of the rule adaptable to many different walks of life.

Oblates, after a period of discernment and formation, profess vows requiring regular discipline and reflection in the Christian commitment, with a rule of life closely modelled on that of the Order’s monastics. A vow of celibacy is possible for Oblates within the Order.


Guardian: The Revd Mother Hilary Crupi OJN
Assumed office 30 April 2010

Prior: Sister Therese Poli OJN


The Revd Father John-Julian Swanson
Sister Cornelia Barry

Postulants: 1
Members who have died since the last Yearbook:

10 Feb 2018 – Brother Barnabas Leben, aged 72, life professed 14 years