Society of St Margaret (SSM), USA and Haiti

Introduction to the community

The Society of St Margaret is an Episcopal Religious Order of mission-focused sisters living an ancient tradition with a modern outlook. Our lives as Sisters are guided by the principle, “Love first, Love midst, Love last.” We take vows of poverty, celibate chastity, and obedience; listening for the voice of God in all circumstances.

Our mission of hospitality calls us to welcome people to our houses for times of refreshment and renewal, Our mission of service calls us to move out beyond our dwelling places to serve those in need, to go where God leads and to share Christ’s light. We strive to live a balanced life of active work and contemplative prayer, and are committed to partner with those who share our passion for a world of justice, mercy and peace.

The central work of the community is worship and prayer and the Eucharist provides the pattern for our daily lives. As Jesus took bread, blessed and broke it, so our lives are taken, blessed, broken, and given through our varied ministries. As we work with children, care for the elderly, and do parish work, we seek always to live as Christ’s hands and heart in this world.

SSM communities worldwide

SSM Duxbury Chapel Dedication

Contact details

781 934 9477

Main address:

St Margaret’s Convent, 50 Harden Hill Road, PO Box C, Duxbury, MA 0233-0605, USA

Other houses:

Sisters of St Margaret
40 River St, Apt #1, Boston, MA 02125
Tel: 857 267 4434

St Margaret’s Convent, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
c/o Agape Flights, 100 Airport Avenue, Venice, FL 34285-3901, USA
Tel: 011 509 3448 2609

Sisters of St Margaret
200 Rector Place, Apt 41 F, New York, NY 10280, USA
Tel: 646 248 1960

Community information

Date of foundation:
1855; Boston Convent founded 1873

Bishop Visitor: Rt Revd Alan M Gates, Bishop of Massachusetts


Sister Catherine Louise SSM, The House of my Pilgrimage: a History of the American House of the Society of Saint Margaret, privately published, 1973.

Sister Catherine Louise SSM, The Planting of the Lord: The History of the Society of Saint Margaret in England, Scotland & the USA, privately published, 1995.

Contact to order. $6 US each, plus $4 US shipping and handling.

Third Order, Fellowship, Associates

Associates of one Convent of the Society of St Margaret are Associates of all. They have a common Rule, which is flexible to circumstances. They include men and women, lay and ordained. No Associate of the Society of St Margaret may be an Associate of any other Community.


Mother Superior: Sister Adele Marie SSM (priest)
Assumed office March 2011

Assistant Superior: Sister Kristina Frances SSM


Sister Marjorie Raphael
Sister Emily Louise
Sister Gloria
Sister Ann
Sister Claire Marie
Sister Adele
Sister Julian
Sister Christine
Sister Marie Thérèse
Sister Brigid
Sister Promise
Sister Sarah Margaret (priest)
Sister Kethia

Members who have died since the last Yearbook:

27 Jul 2018 – Sister Mary Gabriel, aged 71, professed 43 years
24 Jan 2019 – Sister Catherine Louise (priest), aged 102, professed 72 years less one day
6 Feb 2019 – Sister Carolyn, aged 91, professed 29 years, Mother Superior 2002-2011