Society of the Precious Blood, southern Africa (SPB)

Introduction to the community

Five Sisters of the Society of the Precious Blood at Burnham Abbey went to Masite in Lesotho in 1957 to join with a community of African women, with the intention of forming a multi-cultural contemplative community dedicated to intercession. In 1966, this community at Masite became autonomous, although still maintaining strong ties of friendship with Burnham Abbey. In 1980, a House of Prayer was established in Kimberley in South Africa, which developed a more active branch of the Society. Sadly, due to diminishing numbers, health issues and finance, the Lesotho Priory was closed on 1 March 2014. The Kimberley house was closed in October 2018 and the community are now dispersed.

Contact details

Community information

Date of foundation:

Bishop Visitor, Lesotho: Rt Revd Adam Taaso, Bishop of Lesotho

Bishop Visitor, South Africa: Rt Revd Oswald Swartz, Bishop of Kimberley and Kuruman


The story of the founding of SPB in Masite is included in:
Sister Theresia Mary SPB, Father Patrick Maekane MBK, Church of the Province of Southern Africa, 1987
Evelyn Cresswell (Oblate SPB), Keeping the Hours, Cluster Pubs, Pietermaritzburg, 2007

Third Order, Fellowship, Associates

The Community has thirteen Oblates (in Lesotho, South Africa, Zambia, New Zealand and the UK), and eighty-six Companions and Associates (in Lesotho, South Africa and the UK). All renew their promises annually. Oblates are sent prayer material regularly. Companions and Associates receive quarterly letters and attend occasional quiet days.


Prioress: Sister Elaine Mary SPB (in South Africa)
Assumed office 24 September 1997


Sister Theresia Mary (in Lesotho)
Sister Diana Mary (in UK)

Members who have died since the last Yearbook:

29 Jul 2017 – Sister Lucia Mary, aged 83, professed 53 years
10 Jul 2018 – Sister Camilla Mary, aged 73, professed 33 years