Society of the Sacred Advent (SSA)

Introduction to the community

The Society of the Sacred Advent exists for the glory of God and for the service of His Church.

Members devote themselves to God in community under vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Our life is a round of worship, prayer, silence and work. Our Patron Saint is John the Baptist who, by his life and death, pointed the way to Jesus. We would hope to point the way to Jesus in our own time, to a world which has largely lost touch with spiritual realities and is caught up in despair, loneliness and fear.

The aim of the Community is to grow in the mind of Christ so as to manifest Him to others. The Society has two Schools, St Margaret’s and St Aidan’s. Each school is managed by the Society of the Sacred Advent Schools Pty Ltd.

SSA sisters

Contact details

07 3865 7604

Address: Society of the Sacred Advent, 30 & 31 The Village Taigum, 274 Roghan Road, Taigum Qld 4018, Australia

Community information

Date of foundation:

Bishop Visitor: Rt Revd Murray Harvey, Bishop of Grafton, NSW


Elizabeth Moores, One Hundred Years of Ministry, published for SSA, 1992.
Ray Geise, Educating Girls since 1895, Victory Press, Bribie Island, QLD, 2012.

Third Order, Fellowship, Associates

The Fellowship has been going many years. The Company of the Sacred Advent began in 1987. This group of men and women, clergy and lay, bound together in love for Jesus Christ and His Church in the spirit of St John the Baptist, seeks to proclaim the Advent challenge: ‘Prepare the Way of the Lord.’ Members have a Rule of Life and renew their promises annually.

Members of the Company/Fellowship meet as one group and are part of our extended Community family. The Sisters arrange Company/Fellowship meetings and mutual support with prayers, help, or spiritual guidance, as required.


Revd Mother: Sister Gillian SSA
Assumed office July 2017


Sister Gillian
Sister Sandra