Society of the Sacred Mission (SSM), Australian Province

Introduction to the community

Founded in 1893 by Father Herbert Kelly, the Society is a means of uniting the devotion of ordinary people, using it in the service of the Church. Members of the Society share a common life of prayer and fellowship in a variety of educational, pastoral and community activities in England, Australia, Japan, Lesotho, and South Africa.

SSM Provinces worldwide

Contact details

8 8227 0452

Address: Society of the Sacred Mission, 196 East Terrace, Adelaide 5000, South Australia

Community information

Bishop Visitor: Rt Revd Garry Weatherill, Bishop of Ballarat


Provincial: Christopher Myers SSM
Assumed office November 2009


David Wells
Colin Griffiths
Steven de Kleer
Gregory Stephens
Geoff Pridham
Lynne Rokkas
Des Benfield
Joyce Bleby Lewis
Iris Trengove
Sue Bellett
Alexis Fraser
David McDougall
Bill Dahlberg
Ryan Bennett

Members who have died since the last Yearbook:

8 Jun 2017 – Margaret Dewey, aged 94, professed 17 years