Society of the Sacred Mission (SSM), Province of Europe

Introduction to the community

Founded in 1893 by Father Herbert Kelly, the Society is a means of uniting the devotion of ordinary people, using it in the service of the Church. Members of the Society share a common life of prayer and fellowship in a variety of educational, pastoral and community activities in England, Australia, Japan, Lesotho, and South Africa.

SSM Provinces worldwide

Contact details

0191 384 3747

Address: St Antony’s Priory, Claypath, Durham DH1 1QT, UK

Community information

Date of foundation:

Bishop Visitor: Rt Revd Stephen Conway, Bishop of Ely



Herbert Kelly SSM, An Idea in the Working, SSM Press, Kelham, 1908.
Alistair Mason, SSM: History of the Society of the Sacred Mission, Canterbury Press, Norwich, 1993.
Ralph Martin SSM, Towards a New day: a monk’s story, Darton, Longman & Todd, London, 2015.

Third Order, Fellowship, Associates

Companions are men and women who support the aims of the Society without being closely related to any of its work. They consecrate their lives in loving response to a vocation to deepen their understanding of God’s will, and to persevere more devotedly in commitments already made: baptism, marriage or ordination.




Jonathan Ewer
Andrew Muramatsu
Edmund Wheat
Robert Stretton

Members who have died since the last Yearbook:

20 Nov 2018 – Mary Hartwell, aged 95, professed 19 years
22 Jul 2022 – Frank Green, aged 98, professed 70 years