The Order of Mission (TOM)

Introduction to the community

The Order of Mission (TOM) is a dispersed global covenant community of Missional Leaders. We take vows to live in Simplicity, Purity and Accountability and make a commitment to live according to the TOM Rule that focuses on how to live out our vows and being an extended worldwide family.

We are a family on mission committed to hearing the call of God in our lives and responding in obedience and faith.

The Order of Mission dance

Contact details

01423 560558

Address: Kairos Network Church, 2 Harlow Terrace, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG2 0PN

Community information

Date of foundation:
2003; acknowledged as a Religious community 2013
Registered Charity number:

Bishop Visitor: Most Revd John Sentamu, Archbishop of York


Third Order, Fellowship, Associates

TOM has 87 Associate members (68 in the UK). Associate members are those who support the value, calling and work of the Order and seek to live according to the pattern of the community but do not feel called to take vows to become either Permanent or Temporary Members.


Senior Guardian: Revd Keld Dahlmann
Assumed office March 2015

Regional Chairs of Guardians: Revd Anne Maclaurin (UK)


TOM has a global membership. Each region is served by a small team of Guardians headed by a Chair.

Number of Members: 248 (125 in the UK)

Number of Temporary members: 250 (41 in the UK)

Number of Explorers: 56 (20 in the UK)