The Third Order, Society of St Francis (TSSF)

Introduction to the community

The Third Order of the Society of Saint Francis consists of men and women, ordained and lay, single or in committed relationships, who believe that God is calling them to live out their Franciscan vocation in the world, living in their own homes and following ordinary professions. Like the First Order Friars and Sisters and Second Order Nuns, The Third Order members, (called Tertiaries) encourage one another in living and witnessing to Christ through a Rule of Life that includes prayer, study and work. The Third Order is worldwide, with a Minister General, and five Ministers Provincial to cover their respective Provinces.

Each of the Provinces of the Third Order has their own entry in the Yearbook.

The Society of St Francis and the Community of St Francis have their own entries in the Yearbook.

Contact details

(+64) 21 679202

Address of Minister General:
Revd John Hebenton TSSF, Minister General
Third Order, Society of Saint Francis
15 Farm Street, Mount Maunganui, 3112, Aotearoa-New Zealand

Community information

Date of foundation:
Americas: 1920s; Europe: 1930s; Australia: 1959; Aotearoa-New Zealand: 1962; Africa: 1975

Bishop Protector General: Rt Revd Robert Kirkpatrick, Bishop of Hawaii



Minister General: John Hebenton TSSF
Assumed office September 2017

Assistant Minister General: Godfrey Fryer TSSF


  Professed Novices
Americas 423 50
Europe 1648 133
Asia Pacific 323 70
Africa 109 34
Pacific 174 112
Total 2677 399