Worker Brothers & Sisters of the Holy Spirit (WSHS, WBHS)

Introduction to the community

The Worker Sisters and Brothers of the Holy Spirit is a Covenant Community which seeks to respond to God’s call through the power of the Holy Spirit, participate in Jesus Christ’s vision of unity, become his holy people, show forth Fruit, and in obedience to his command, go forth into the world.  It offers women and men, regardless of marital status, a path for individual spiritual growth through a life commitment to a Rule which provides an opportunity to experience prayer, worship, becoming, discovery, belonging, relating, commitment and mission. Membership is made up of:

  • First Order: Sisters – Lay Workers and Lay Sisters;
  • Second Order: Brothers – Lay Workers and Lay Brothers;
  • Third Order: Clergy Sisters and Clergy Brothers;
  • Companions: Lay and Clergy Persons;
  • Friends: Lay and Clergy Persons

The first three Orders are bound together under a Life Commitment to a common Rule which is Benedictine in orientation. Companions make a Life commitment to a Rule of Life. Friends share in the prayer and spiritual journey of the community. Members do not live together, yet are not separated by geographical boundaries.

Our Community currently supports a Brother in Haiti by providing water purification tablets for his people. This is an ongoing project since the earthquake in Haiti.

Contact details

WSHS website:

WBHS website:

Sr Wendy Samuel, WSHS, Canadian Director

Sr Christine, WSHS, American Director

Sr Lucia WSHS, Director of Admissions

Community information

Date of foundation:
1972 in the Diocese of West Missouri (Sisters); in 1979 Brothers were added, and the community expanded to Canada 

Ecclesiastical Visitor, Canada: The Rt Rev Peter DeC Fenty, Friend WSHS/WBHS, Diocese of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ecclesiastical Visitor, United States & Haiti: The Rt Rev Barry Howe, Friend WSHS/WBHS, Diocese of West Missouri, USA (retired)


Third Order, Fellowship, Associates

Companions make a Life of Commitment to a Rule of Life.
Friends share in the prayer and spiritual journey of the Community.


Prioress: Sr LaVerne Peter WSHS
Assumed office 2012

Canadian Director: Sr Wendy Samuel WSHS

American Director: Sr Christine WSHS


Members: 118

Postulants: 3